BACKGROUND:  Do you want an attorney to voice your work? 

With worldwide audiobook and interactive media releases created for book rightholders, and clients ranging from the University of Texas, and the U.S. Army, to Cateia Games and PixeLearning, Nathan Mubasher is a professional voice actor who gives your project a voice that is authoritative, masculine and engaging.  His work appears in Audible.com, Amazon.com, iTunes, various videogames, radio commercials and other productions around the world.

NICHES:  Production of fully mastered audiobooks, as well as e-learning and interactive media narrations.  Nathan's voice acting experience gives him a strong narrative voice that commands attention.  Also, Nathan's legal and professorial background gives him a voice of authority in texts dealing with politics, history and/or world events.  Additionally, his fluency in the Arabic language has made him the "go to" narrator for audiobooks germane to Middle East affairs. 


"I just got your lines, and they are unbelievable. Even more excellent work. Thanks so much!"

"You rock and soooo do these!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Haha, it's amazing! Seriously when I listen to Hector, the Warden, and then this, it's impossible to tell it's the same person!"

"Quick turnaround, great quality, highly recommend!"

"I can definitely vouch for Nathan's talent-- Very professional, efficient work, with a great sense of timing. Thanks again, Nathan!"

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